Can’t get Circle into Search? Google Lens could have you covered (APK teardown)

Google Lens stock photos 1

Can’t get Circle into Search? Google Lens could have you covered (APK teardown)Google Lens stock photos 1

Edgar Cervantes / Android Authority


  • A teardown has revealed that Google Lens might acquire two modifications to deliver it according to Circle to Search.
  • The primary can be the flexibility to seek for content material in movies, whereas the second would supply a brand new translate button.

Circle to Search is a reasonably nifty method to seek for content material on your display screen, nevertheless it’s restricted to latest Samsung and Google telephones proper now. Happily, Google Lens presents related performance for older telephones, and it could possibly be getting much more performance to deliver it according to Circle to Search.

An APK teardown helps predict options that will arrive on a service sooner or later based mostly on work-in-progress code. Nevertheless, it’s doable that such predicted options could not make it to a public launch.

We found proof that Google Lens will get two extra notable options in a teardown of the Google app (model beta). The primary function is the flexibility to pick out movies and seek for content material in a selected body. Google may also supply play and pause controls within the top-right nook so you’ll find a selected body. Try the screenshots beneath.

You merely must activate Circle To Search whereas watching a video to seek for content material in a body. However that is nonetheless a useful addition to Google Lens as far more gadgets have entry to Lens. Circle To Search is restricted to latest Google and Samsung flagships, whereas Lens helps Android 6.0 gadgets and newer.

Google can also be engaged on a translate button within the Google Lens viewfinder, seen within the decrease right-hand nook of the display screen. Tapping the button as soon as would put you in translate mode, whereas a second faucet would swap again to the usual search mode. Google Lens already allows you to translate textual content by way of your digicam or a saved picture, however this presently requires you to change to the “translate” tab. The brand new translate button can be somewhat extra handy and appears to be according to the translate button within the Circle to Search UI (seen within the first picture beneath).

Both manner, we’re glad to see these two modifications doubtlessly coming to Google Lens. It signifies that individuals with a lot older telephones (e.g. 2015 or later) can nonetheless get pleasure from a number of the fringe advantages of Circle To Search. Now, about bringing the precise Circle To Search gesture to extra gadgets.

Google Lens to Gain New Features: Video Search and Translate Button

Google Lens is set to receive two significant updates, bringing it closer to Circle to Search functionality. The first feature allows users to search for content within videos, while the second introduces a translate button for easier text translation.

Video Search in Google Lens

Users will soon be able to select videos and search for content within specific frames using Google Lens. Play and pause controls will be available in the top-right corner, enhancing the search experience within videos.

Translate Button

Google Lens will feature a translate button in the viewfinder, enabling users to translate text with a single tap. This button simplifies the translation process, eliminating the need to switch to a separate tab for translation.

Enhanced Functionality

These updates make Google Lens more versatile, providing similar features to Circle to Search on a wider range of devices. While Circle to Search is limited to recent Google and Samsung flagships, Google Lens supports Android 6.0 devices and newer, ensuring broader accessibility.


The upcoming features for Google Lens offer improved functionality and convenience, benefiting users with older devices who can now enjoy some of the features previously exclusive to Circle to Search. With continued enhancements, Google Lens remains a powerful tool for visual search and translation.

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